The project

Performers Go Online

is the new Erasmus+ project to support and equip performing artists with the essential skills for filmmaking and online self-promotion.


In order to support the cultural sector in Europe with the promotion of lifelong learning activities amidst the global economic crisis brought by the CoVid-19 pandemic, the European project Performers Go Online has just started.

This project pays great attention to the difficulties that the sector has encountered during the last years and it intends to create synergies with the European Union’s response to the CoVid-19 pandemic crisis, or others by fostering social inclusion and the development of crucial skills.

It aims to train culture professionals, specifically performing artists, in the audiovisual technical area regarding the in-home production of artistic contents, something that took place during the first general lockdown in spring 2020 and might happen again.

Furthermore, Performers Go Online addresses the creation of teaching materials tailored for artists on how to promote their work and get in touch with different stakeholders in the European cultural sector. In doing so, Performers Go Online aims to create a transnational cultural network that includes private companies, NGOs, schools and cultural organisations for digitally skilled artists to exploit. At the same time, the project will be able to raise awareness of the difficult situation they have been facing so far.

One of the main goals of Performers Go Online is to develop skills that can considerably help performers during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Performers Go Online is for you,

if you are:

a performing artist of any kind (e.g. actors, singers, dancers etc), especially with lower filmmaking and promotional skills.

a stakeholder among filmmaking professionals, a digital marketing specialist, a commercial company, an NGO, a school, a cultural institution, film festival and any establishment that is interested in using “homemade” films for promotional, educational or artistic reasons.

Performers Go Online offers:



The Performing Digitally E-learning Course

containing the basics of filmmaking such as camera use, lighting, sound recording, video editing and principles of storytelling, all within the “diy” (do it yourself) mindset.

A 40-hour training course

tested  over 3 months to 30 participants per partner country (France, Spain, Greece, Germany and Italy), facilitated by trainers who are experts in filmmaking and digital marketing.

The organisation of 4 webinars

addressed to the course participants to present the e-course, answer questions and guide them, team building and engagement.

The Promoting Digitally E-learning Course

including information about social media and YouTube promotion, pitching of content to cultural institutions, tips on how to create a promotional short in a “homemade” style, and about platforms where the content can be exhibited.

Launch of a 40-hour piloting

delivered over 3 months to the same 30 participants per partner country (France, Spain, Greece, Germany and Italy), facilitated by trainers who are experts in filmmaking and digital marketing.

Publications of videos

Publications of learners’ “homemade” videos on YouTube channel.